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Introductory Online Course

This course was created for instructors in all disciplines interested in creating more inclusive learning environments, but are not sure of where to start. We recommend that you start with Module 1 to ensure you are familiar with the basic concepts and vocabulary used in the course.

Home page for the course Webpage
Module 1 – Power, Privilege and Bias Webpage
Module 2 – Conversations on Decolonization Webpage
Module 3 – Introduction to Inclusive Teaching Practices Webpage
Module 4 – Universal Design for Learning Webpage
Module 5 – Difficult Conversations Webpage

Introductory Resources

The following resources focus on specific aspects of teaching and learning to provide some initial guidance and elements to consider.

Why Inclusive Teaching? PDF Wiki
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Online Teaching: Where to Begin? PDF Wiki
Cultivating an Inclusive Climate in Online Classrooms PDF Wiki
Gauging Student Access to Online Courses: Suggested Survey Questions
(See the Word document for how to import the Qualtrics Survey Format file)
Word QSF
Towards more trans-inclusive classrooms PDF Wiki
Classroom guidelines PDF Wiki
Inclusive teaching course design PDF Wiki
Microaggressions in the classroom PDF Wiki
Inclusive syllabus PDF Wiki
Territory acknowledgement in the classroom PDF Wiki
Digital Content & Media Accessibility PDF

Case studies

The following case studies have been developed to help instructors and others think through various aspects of inclusive teaching. Each case study includes a scenario as well as extensive facilitator notes. These case studies are part of the Open Case Studies project and as such they are licensed to allow others to revise and reuse them.

Microaggressions in the online classroom Webpage
Who belongs in the outdoors doing fieldwork? Webpage
Writing as the test of knowledge?: Towards more inclusive course design Webpage
What I Learned In Class Today Webpage
Inappropriate class comment Webpage
Building trans inclusive learning spaces: Considerations for TAs and instructors Webpage
Developing guidelines to navigate complex classroom dynamics (In/Relation Project) Webpage


Additional UBC resources

What I learned in class today: Indigenous Issues in the Classroom CTLT
Additional teaching and learning resources from CTLT Indigenous Initiatives CTLT
Accessibility and Inclusivity: Key Considerations for a Welcoming Online Course Learning Technology Hub
Open Education Resources Accessibility Toolkit Open UBC
Gender diversity at UBC (pronouns, names, facilities, etc.) Equity & Inclusion
Teaching Practices that Promote Wellbeing UBC Wellbeing
Online Module for Faculty: Supporting Student Learning and Wellbeing Using Online Resources UBC Wellbeing
UBC Statement on Respectful Environment for Students, Faculty and Staff UBC Human Resources
Calendar of Religious Days and Days of Significance Equity & Inclusion
Anti-Racism in Academia Edubytes
Sexual Violence and the Classroom: Tips and Promising Practices SVPRO


Non-UBC resources

Below are some of the resources on inclusive teaching that have been developed by other universities and organizations:

Webinars and self-directed online learning


Academic literature